Your Blackpink opinions

Hey guys! Since we've had a whole 3 years with Blackpink, I thought it would be a good time for us to express some of our Blackpink opinions. These opinions don't really have to be unpopular, just express the opinions you've been wishing to put out in the world & discuss with other fans!

  1. I think the complaints over Jisoo's line distribution is overrated. While she hasn't been 1st in line distribution yet, she is definitely not forgotten in Blackpinks songs and gets her moments to shine.

  2. Blackpink are not "neglected" by YG. This opinion really bothers me when I see it. While the girls aren't getting as many comebacks as we hope, they get consistent work (Modelling, touring, ect). A world tour, coachella and a Dome concert in under a year is not neglect. There are so many other groups that we can say have actually been neglected by their companies (Pristin, f(x), Afterschool).

  3. It shouldn't be a competition between stans to make a case for who is the member most forgotten by the company. All the members stans (besides Jennie's) can make a case for why they are the least liked member by YG. Jisoo-> line distribution, Lisa-> her outfits, Rose-> lack of solo CF's and solo work in general.

  4. 'Really' is their best non title track!!!

  5. I really wish that people would pay more attention to their good MR removed videos instead of that one bad D4 MR removed video. This one especially irks me because I've seen a few MR removed "battle" videos and they constantly use their worst MR removed video to compare them to other groups. First, I don't think MR removed videos are a indication of a groups vocal talent. Second, I think that if people bring up BP's worst MR removed video to compare, they should use the other groups worst MR removed as well.

  6. Blackpink has not had a bad song yet.

Those are some of my opinions! I'm curious to hear other peoples opinions as well as the responses to my own!

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