Why doesn’t Blackpink have promotions under radio and variety shows for their comeback?

I find it very unusual for an idol group to only go on music shows to promote. This came to mind after I saw Seulgi and Irene’s promotion schedule this week, and it hit me that Blackpink has only ever been on music shows so far.

The girls have been on hiatus for more than a year, and it looks like they’ve had plenty of free time lately just based on Rosé’s recent activity, being able to go out with Hyeri, going to the salon, etc. I know rest is important, but they’ve been resting for months now, and it should be a given that comeback season has them booked and busy.

Is it because YG wants Blackpink to have that “exclusive” image? I really miss seeing the girls go on radio and variety shows. Wish we could see that type of content from them again. It wouldn’t hurt to widen their Korean fanbase, and I think the girls are itching to do usual idol activities.

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