Who’s pictorials do you enjoy the most in general?

Btw I mean this to be a super friendly discussion!! None of that akgae stuff or comments about someone getting better styling. This is just about personal preference of aesthetic and photo shoot concepts.

For me it’s Rose. Even though she’s only had one solo photo shoot, the DAZED one was just so much of what I love. The clothes were so gorgeous, the concept was great and her poses were so interesting. I think she has a loot of potential and I hope she works with YSL a lot more.

A close second is jennie. She’s done a lot of photo shoots so her concepts and fashion style is super diverse. I enjoy lisa and jisoo’s solo photo shoots but a lot of them aren’t my personal style.

The group vogue ones were so gorgeous. I’ve honestly never seen a kpop girl group have such stunning pictorials like that. I can’t wait for comeback teasers and I just hope they’re as amazing!!

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