What would be the best way to explain to friends that BP members have great character ?

My friends make fun of me (not in an unhealthy way) for liking BP and they believe that the BP members are just a bunch of puppets (this is the part that actually annoys me) trained by YG and I'm having a hard time explaining to them that BP are genuine artists that don't only have talent, but also great personalities/character. They are convinced BP are just a bunch of brainless hotties that have been manipulated by YG since their teenage years.

Is there a video or article out there that you would recommend that explains how great the girls are ? How amazing their chemistry/relationship is ? Or just an argument or something that I could say to make them understand ? Or is there no cure for hate 😉 ?

All suggestions/ideas are welcome. Thanks blinks !

Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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