What are your predictions/expectations for THE ALBUM songs?

Based on how different Ice Cream and HYLT are from each other, I say The Album will be a mixture of multiple genres. Below are my predictions/expectations from each rumored track. I wanna know yours!

  1. HYLT – Great Opening to the album. In my fantasy though, HYLT is not the first track off the album and the previous track would have ended in a transition through HYLT’s opening (like Chromatica II to 911). Anyway, this track has the most BP flavor and will get our energy up to the roof as a warmup for the rest of the (short) album.
  2. Ice Cream – I wanted this to just be a bonus track. Cute, fun and if I accidentally pressed the ‘next’ button, I won’t be mad at myself and move on.
  3. Pretty Savage – I think this is See U Later’s older, more rap-heavy, a little more upbeat sister. A Teddy Park track with another instrumental-dependent chorus and multiple tempo/beat switches filled with playful and sassy lyrics. This will be the album’s first comeback of Rapper Jennie. This ends with the typical YG party throw.
  4. Bet You Wanna – I predict Cardi’s entering into the song’s bridge. Lisa and Jennie share short rap parts. Repetitive and addicting post-chorus. I assume the instrumental to this is really simple .. like Cardi’s Be Careful.
  5. Lovesick Girls – It’s like Rocketeer by Far East Movement but rock. There are raps for sure but the chorus are vocal-heavy. Jisoo’s falsetto on the post-chorus. This will showcase more of Jennie’s emotional rapping and Rose-Jisoo’s heavenly vocal abilities.
  6. Crazy Over You – “Cuz I’m Crazy Over You! You You” and the beat drop/instrumentals. This is a cute pink side track, Don’t Know What To Do’s happy sister.
  7. Love To Hate Me – I think this will be the majority’s favorite track outside LSG and HYLT. Totally a black side track that’s anthemic with another diss lyrics.
  8. You Never Know – This sounds like a ballad to me. Hopefully Jisoo gets the most or the second most lines here. I hope this will be more piano-oriented. Wishing for a Missing You (2NE1) type of song where they pour their hearts out. Or, this may be a rock track with electric guitar instrumental bridge.

Of course, I’m going to harass the replay buttons but overall, I think Lovesick Girls, Love To Hate Me, You Never Know and HYLT will be the best songs on the album. The list may also change when the official track list gets announced. I personally think the above is the final track list and they won’t add any more songs to it.

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