What are your favourite things about blackpink, why do we love them so much

Bitches are back at it again with discrediting blackpink and being the anti bp they are, so why not make a positive post about them, so here’s all the things I love about blackpink (basically everything but we move)

Music – I bop to there music despite it being “repetitive“ literally there’s only 3 songs from them I don’t like but every other song is a bop from me 😔

The girls – This one is obvious lmao, I love the girls personality so much they seem like such sweet and humble beings and someone who I would love to be friends with at the same

There bond – I love there dynamic/chemistry so much omg, they seem like sisters in a way anyways my fav friendships in the group are chaelisa, jensoo and chaennie

Their vibe – Ik blackpink has been criticised for seeming to perfect, or can intimidate ppl however I have always like the aura they gave off and never have once felt intimidated by them

Jennie (bias): Jennie is one of my ult bias (along with hyuna, ahin and seulgi) I love her charisma, rapping, singing, personality and dancing so much, she has my personal fav visual in bp and I really enjoy watching her in variety show. She also has one of the cutest smile I’ve ever seen

Rosé (bias wrecker): Rose is my fav performer and dancer in bp, I find her fancams the most entertaining to watch, I also think she has a beautiful voice despite what antis have said and imo the most talented member. She and Jennie have my fav visuals in the group and she has also is the funniest member/ have the best humour in the group-

Jisoo: Whilst im not the biggest fan of her singing, I’ll still be that her voice is a vital part of blackpink sound or blackpink in genera, she seems like such an inspirational and strong women but someone I would love to be best friends with or hang out with. I admire her for her charisma, growth and personality (she’s the best member in variety shows) and I believe that she adds a lot to blackpink despite what ppl have said

Lisa: Despite the large amount of hate she’s been given since the beginning of 2020, she has remained charismatic and strong. I love her charisma, personality and singing so much with her being my personal fav vocalist in bp and her fancams being extremely entertaining too (chaelisa owned hylt era idc idc) I also find her dancing really pleasant to watch

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