Wake Me Up, When Theres A New Comeback ( Wake me up when September ends ) BlackPink Version

🎶 How you like that has come and past, the Memories could never last, wake me up when There’s a new comeback.

Like as if it was your last, 3 and a half years has gone so fast. Wake me up when there’s a new Comeback.

Here comes the wars again, of Stans fighting other stans. A toxic war zone filled with pain to no end, what is the definition of friends.

As I try my very best, to not let the hate get into my head. Wake me up, when the fan wars end.

Look at me & look at you, if our idols can coexist than we can too

Wake me Up when we can all be friends

Bring back Blackpink House again & summer diaries why must they end

Wake me up, when they both get renewed my friends.

Here’s comes YG again, keeping BLackpink In their cage. How can you ask why they failed again if you don’t even know your mistakes.

As My memory Rests, Y’all did nothing to help Lisa in distress. Now do what’s best for the girl before she falls Depressed.

Here comes their IG LIVES again, just look how happy they all are, not being controlled by YG again, just let them be free it’s not really hard.

So just wake me up, when The controlling ends

Wake me up, when the fan wars end

And please don’t wake me up, if god forbids Blackpink ever Eeeeennnds…..🎶

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