Upcoming comeback: I hope BlackPink will change up their music video style for their upcoming comeback.

The music videos for DDDD, KTL, and HYLT are all so fire. They all have the same formula that really worked well with their songs. However, the repetition of the same formula can easily be noticed by the general public.

The studio like feel can get old for the general public and end up losing hype for upcoming music videos for BlackPink.

That’s how I felt with Twice’s “More and More”, (sorry for bringing up a Twice song in a BlackPink subreddit). The song was very catchy but the repetitiveness of a studio feel in their recent music videos started feeling old to me and I ended up not coming back to watch the music video as much as I did with Ooo ah, Likey and What is Love.

I hope BlackPink changes their style and try something new or different. I really like what they did with Jennie’s Solo music video. The outdoor aesthetic was pleasing to watch.

Anyways, their music video formula for DDDD, KTL, and HYLT is incredible and highly effective in gathering attention and outmatching the hype for BlackPink. I always come back to watch them! However, I feel that a new and fresh vibe for their upcoming music video will definitely increase their diversity in their music video styles and better their reputation as artists.

Just a reminder that this is a discussion post, so feel free to let me know what you guys think and to remain respectful. Thank you and I’d really appreciate it.

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