UNPOPULAR OPINION: BlackPink hasn’t had a comeback that hits different yet…

Before you come for my neck, I’d like to say that I’ve been religiously following Black Pink ever since debut and have been anticipating all their content (for as much as YG will allow me 😒) because I love the girls individually, as well as together because they complement each other so well I might cry – Kinda like Neapolitan ice cream but with 4 flavours??

ANYWAYS, that said, I just feel like the group has been building a momentum that is currently being lost, sadly. At this point, we all know that YGE’s crap management is the reason behind all of this, and that the girls are going above and beyond in order to carry what they’re given – super gracefully, at that.

Even though “How You Like That” is serving visual and “badass-ery” as per usual for the girls, I just don’t feel it hit different at all. The girls deserve better and I hope they do with the title track (can someone confirm that HYLT isn’t the title track??)

I just feel like all groups (be it girls or boys) have an era that “hits different” which has yet to come for BP (notwithstanding their debut because I felt like that era was their strongest YET). I just want to precise that this doesn’t mean their content isn’t good!! They just deserve to take us by surprise, because they have the potential to.

Anyways, YGE, get your sh*t together.

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