Unpopular opinion

First aclaration before the sky falls all over me: I loved HYLT, but as much as i like it (even hearing it while i write this hahaha), the reality is that all the lately songs of the girls have the same structure:

Jennie – Rosé or Jisoo – Chorus – Lisa – Rosé or Jisoo (the one that didn't went first) – Jennie again – Chorus – Break or Bridge – End

I mean, all her songs are good, i'm not complaining about that. My problem is that they are becoming predictible. I feel they are trying to make them go to the same safe thing (obviusly the companies give a fuck about art and stuff, they want money. So i understand if they want to make easy songs that will chart good). But idk, i feel that they should start to have some freedom to experiment a bit.

A great example could be G-IDLE (i'm not mentioning another group to throw bash or anything, i think they are doing exactly what Blackpink needs = to have freedom to do new things). Their latest EP was very interesting and the fact it was almost made by them it's impresive.

Anyway, i'm maybe the only one feeling like this. They 4 have fantastic skills and you can notice they enjoy what they do. I'm noticing the same thing with other big groups (not neccesary to give names, i'm sure people must know whichs i mean), and it's kinda sad.

Anyway, this was more like critic to the current music industry more than anything else hahaha. But well, i would like to read what do you guys think about it

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