200528 Achievements and Milestones for Sour Candy on Worldwide iTunes

  1. 31 #1's on iTunes thus making it the most amount of #1's for a collab song surpassing "Kiss and Make Up" by Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK which had 30 #1's. (Source)
  2. 38 #1's on iTunes thus making the most amount of #1's for a girl group song in 2020 surpassing "Break Up Song" by Little Mix which had 34 #1's. (Source)
  3. 42 #1's on iTunes thus making it the most amount of #1's for a K-Pop girl group song surpassing "Kill this Love" by BLACKPINK which had 40 #1's. (Source)
  4. 46 #1's on iTunes thus making it the third girl group song to do so with the first and second being "Worth It" and "Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony. (Source)
  5. Not iTunes related, but Sour Candy has reached #1 on MelOn Pop Hot Track.
  6. Also not iTunes related, but BLACKPINK has gained 163 spots on the Global Digital Artist Ranking and is now at #12.

Current List of Countries with Sour Candy as #1 on iTunes


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200528 “Sour Candy” has now reached 34 #1’s on iTunes, thus making it the song with the most #1’s on iTunes for a girl group in 2020 and artist collaboration/feature