List of Blackpink TV appearances

More BlackPink and KPoP

here's a list of blackpink tv appearances i have found. feel free to bookmark this thread as i will be updating this in the future. if i have missed any, please leave a comment and i will update the list.


Weekly Idol

EP 277 (subbed)

EP 310 (subbed)


Running Man

EP 330 (subbed)

EP 413 (subbed)

EP 409 (subbed)


Radio Star

EP 509 (subbed)


Get it beauty

EP 2


My little television

EP 98 @ 31:25 (subbed)

EP 99 @ 24:36 (subbed)


Wednesday food talk



JYP’s party people

EP 4 (subbed)


Real men 300

EP 1 (subbed)

EP 2 (subbed)


Blackpink house

EP 1-12 (subbed)


SBS night of real entertainment



MBC section tv ‘Idol men’



Knowing Bros

EP 87 (subbed)

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