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It’s BLACKPINK in AMERICA Week, Blinks!

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It's BLACKPINK in America week! With Blackpink appearing on numerous US television shows this week, do you plan to watch any?

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Blackpink guesting at GMA is 24 hours away!!!

More BlackPink and KPoP

… and you still might have a chance to score tickets to the show! People who got their tickets at 1iota.com were told in advance to cancel their tickets (at least 24 hours before the show) if they could not come to avoid the reflection of their absence on their profile (leaving a better record and continue to have a better chance of scoring tickets again in the future).

I said this bc I am one of those who can’t attend tomorrow’s show & just cancelled their tickets (I scored 3 tickets, but this is what happens when the show is shot at the east coast, and I am currently at the west coast :c) AND, I regularly get tickets from 1iota, so I know the usual drill.

Especially if you are on the “waitlist” for this show, keep on checking 1iota website or your email if they are doing a last-minute ticket release today!!

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More BlackPink and KPoP

I know this is a stretch and just a fantasy in my head (for now), but it would be amazing if Dua Lipa could join Blackpink on stage at Wembley for a performance of Kiss & Make Up. Of course, I don't know what Dua Lipa's schedule is like, but throwing this out there so that by some miracle (or if someone with clout reads this and can make it happen), this comes true. May the music deities smile upon us 🙂

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