An Ideal Blackpink Song (imo) :

  1. Jisoo on the thumbnail (I know it's better if everyone is together on it but the rest of the members had their share of Solo thumbnails:-)

  2. Lisa and Rosé dance break (it would be amazing)

  3. Jennie and Lisa rapping together(like they did on the cover of Sure Thing)

  4. Rose and Jisoo doing incredibly high and tough notes and slaying it)

  5. No more trumpet sounds please:-(

  6. A summer beach concept or a concept like 'Egoistic'.

7.No more onae-what (lol) repeated choruses.(Kick it and playing with fire choruses had blessed my ears)

  1. A bit of complicated choreography ( like dnwtd)

I know it's not possible to have everything in the same time:-) but it's kind of like my ideal BP song. What's yours? :-):-)


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