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How do I think Rose’s solo is going to look like/should look like

I am really looking foward for Rosie's solo, but so is everyone. I just wanted to share my opinion and hear your's 😁

I know it's probably going to be a ballad, but I hope it's gonna be a more fun/cute/pop concept. I get it, Rose's voice is out of this world, but… I don't know. BLACKPINK shined in Stay, but it's their least popular MV. And Rose is the lead dancer and I can't wait to learn choreography for her solo, but ballads don't get choreos.

I would LOVE to hear Rose rap. I bet she has some epic rapping skills but next to Jennie, Lisa and her vocals she can't rap in BLACKPINK songs.

Just like I said, Rosie deserves to show of her dancing skills. I really hope she will get a good choreography just like Jennie did ❤️

And, let's talk about the concept. Even tho it's probably going to be something like KILL THIS LOVE or 뚜두뚜두 I think it should be something like AIIYL. Rose can pull of every single concept, but I miss the cute choreography and MV. Idk, it just feels right.

I hope YG will promote it, and not just upload it and put it under the rug. Rose is well known and very popular, but extra promotion never hurts. Also, I hope they will release it in the near future, because daily viewes and the buzz that BLACKPINK got from KILL THIS LOVE are dropping and a new song will wake some BLINKS up. What do you think? 🤔🤔🤔

Touch here to see more on the Black Pink For Your Soul tumblr ((.)) I get my BlackPink goodies from eBay!