Jisoonation, I do need your help!

I'm impressed by Jisoo's word that once she cheering up to her fans like very long time ago (I'm not sure when or where she posted)

I can't remember it properly but message was like

❤Fan: After this I might have no time to follow you guys since I got a new job.

🐰Jisoo: Congratulations for your new job. I'm rooting for you.

Actually I just got a new work then i thought of Jisoo words and want to print out and put on my desk as an inspiration.

If you perhap to take a screenshot or have any clue where can I go through and capture it, please let me know.🙏🏻❤

(Originally asked by a fellow BLINK here)

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  • June 08, 2019 – 8:00pm CST
  • Venue: Cotai Arena / 金光綜藝館
  • Capacity: 15,000



入場時間 / Admission Times

  • 12pm VIP and Standing Ticket Holders Can Start to Queue up in L1 Milan and Florence Ballroom
  • Appr. 4pm VIP Ticket Holders (Soundcheck Party) Enter Venue for Soundcheck *
  • Appr. 4:30pm Soundcheck Starts
  • Appr. 5pm Soundcheck Ends
  • Appr. 6pm Doors Open for Other Tickets Holders
  • Appr. 8pm Concert Starts

*Please arrive L1 Milan and Florence Ballroom before 4pm in order not to miss the Soundcheck

*請持 VIP 貴賓套票 (試音派對) 的觀眾於下午 4 時前到達 L1 層米蘭會議廳,以免錯過相關活動。綵排結束後, 可留在所屬企位等候演出開始。

Seat Map


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