BLACKPINK and JENNIE Gaon Digital Index Charts for the Week of 2018.12.09

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Artist Song DI Points Total Points
BLACKPINK DDU DU DDU DU 12,715,532 911,261,145
BLACKPINK FOREVER YOUNG 7,267,017 583,842,927
JENNIE SOLO 41,554,652 273,488,635


Chart of Digital Index Points for all artists in 2018:

#5 BLACKPINK: Ddu-Du Ddu-Du [=]

#28 BLACKPINK: Forever Young [-2]

Gaon Song of the Month Prediction for November:

Updated November Ranking

  1. Jennie: Solo ▲1

  2. Twice: YES or YES ▽1

  3. Mino: Fiance ▲2

  4. EXO: Tempo ▽1

  5. BTOB: Beautiful Pain ▽1


Jennie will win Gaon's Song of the Month for November. Unless, MINO can pull out insane numbers for the next two weeks, Jennie has this in the bag. Knowing this, she'll have beaten Twice for November.

DDDD will surpass BBoom BBoom in about 2 weeks. It's still getting about 13M points per week, while BB isn't charting at all.

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What is your 2019 prediction for Blackpink? Mine is: 1. Rosé will get her solo in Feb/March (gonna be REALLY SUCCESSFUL) 2. YG will not properly promote Jisoo as a 'visual' lol no surprise 3. Blackpink is going to collab with DJ Snake and its already planned as their 'breakthrough to the US market' 4. Blackpink's popularity might slow down due to YG's bad management :// And many blinks will leave the blink nation (really really hope not) 5. Rosé's solo is gonna have Taeyang vibe with a hint of G-Dragon vibe, at least that is what she probably wants to go for, but Teddy is highly not likely to allow that and would like to stick with the Blackpink vibe 6. Lisa and Jisoo's solo might be pushed back to the end of 2019, maybe after their comeback in 2019 7. Lisa's solo is not gonna be just a dance video but an actual song. (YG is not prob not that dumb to do that to blackpink's most popular member) 8. Jisoo's solo on the other hand might not be properly promoted as her vocals are underrated af and she is not the most popular member :((( (noooooooo if this happens, imma drop yg) 9. Dating scandal will happen at the end of 2019. (Jennie, Lisa or Jisoo) 10. Jennie will be in a dating scandal with someone from YG or SM again in 2019 11. Jisoo will be in a dating scandal with someone from BigHit or SM (not being delulu, this is just me predicting -.-, and yes you dont have to agree with me) 12. Blackpink is going to collaborate with another kpop group 13. Jisoo and Rosé's popularity are gonna rapidly increase in 2019 (especially Rosé) 14. Jennie is going to have a solo comeback which might get alot of hate because some members did not even have a solo debut 🙁 ( if this really happens, please dont hate on jennie guys, lets just keep on supporting blackpink so they can have more comebacks and better treatment from yg) 15. Some blackpink fan accounts are going to shutdown in 2019 ( :(((((((( ) 16. Blackpink will do a parody of a popular kdrama or song 17. Blackpink will attend a popular western award show 18. Blackpink will win a popular western award 19. It is gonna be hardest year for blackpink and blinks nation, but if both successfully overcome the ups and downs, then blackpink is going to solidify their names in the history of kpop and more success and recognition are yet to come 20. Blackpink behaviour and stage presence scandal will occur.


  • death threats
  • bandwagon hate
  • 1 comeback
  • no solo debut of lisa and jisoo
  • blackpink losing their popularity


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