Nervous about comeback?

Anyone else feel nervous and uneasy about their comeback? I want more than anything to see them succeed, be praised, and be happy with what they’re going to be releasing and performing. The long wait plus what seemed like endless pushbacks only served to heighten anticipation which, if the HYLT pre-release was any measure, could prove too high to be actually met satisfactorily.

Everyone’s expecting them to break out of the style/concept blackhole. HYLT isn’t much assurance that they will succeed on this. I fear that they will get swept up by the tide of expectations and whatnot. I doubt their sales and influence would tank regardless of whether the releases flop though.

Now, it all feels more personal. More than anything else, I want to see them growing and just having fun. I want them to not constantly be on the receiving end of hate and mostly negative feedback. I want them to feel confident and prove themselves as industry staples. This kinda feels like their make-it-or-break-it gig. I really hope they make it.

same sentiments for my dearest Rosé’s solo

  • would be nice to see what KBlinks think about this, too!

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