My Thought about The #JennieDeservesBetter Hashtag Trending #1 Worldwide

I would say that was CRAZY. And I’ll explain why I feel this way.

  1. They retweeted lots of gifs of JENNIE in the Samsung Indonesia fan meeting, claimed that there were so many toxic comments toward her, so she was sad and almost broke down.

Example 1

The fact is, they’re taking selfie at that time, not reading comments.

Example 2 The Deep Breath

The fact is, that’s her reaction of JISOO announcing what was the mission, which was a race to find the phone in the boxes, which means it’s impossible to read comments from phones at that time.

  1. They said the MC ignored JENNIE.

I watched all 3 sessions of the livestream. And I didn’t find any member was ignored.

The MC later said, it’s JENNIE (and the staffs) asked not to ask too many questions to her in advance, because she was not feeling well. And all the live-streams were following the script.

  1. They said the fans on the scene were OT3.

The fact is, just listened to the screams.

  1. They said the thing that a fan—who once said she wouldn’t go to BLACKPINK’s concert, because JENNIE was being lazy on stage—won the dance cover competition at the fan meeting, was disrespectful to JENNIE.

Well, I don’t want to discuss the lack of energy part here. But is that even reasonable that Samsung Indonesia have to investigate what the contestants had said before?

  1. They blamed Samsung Indonesia for refusing to let fans do some birthday event for JENNIE, and lying about they’ve prepared that on their own.

It turns out, Samsung Indonesia did prepare something for JENNIE, but YGE side rejected it. This could be just YGE being YGE, or JENNIE was really that unwell to celebrate anything on that evening.

In conclusion, anyone watched the livestream (it’s still available to watch) would agree JENNIE did look unwell from the beginning to the end of the event. But how could that lead to JENNIE was treated unfairly, and DESERVED BETTER? Also, Did those fans who were angry for JENNIE watch the livestream or replay? If they did, they wouldn’t retweet those gifs blindly. If they didn’t manage to spare some time for a fan meeting livestream or replay, just how much they love JENNIE or BLACKPINK?

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