Lisa really really needs a huge dance break

She's one of the best female dancers in Kpop and we barely see her talent. I mean, have you seen her footwork on some dances that she did??? She's a really good dancer but YG really really holds her back. JYP gives Momo all the attention she deserves and that is so great but I believe Lisa is basically on the same level when it comes to dancing but how are we supposed to know if she never dances. Her Lili Film Dance Video was great but I feel like we didnt see her feet enough because if you look at the original choreography, the footwork is really hard but we dont see a lot of it in the dance video even tho she's really good at stuff like this. Seulgi and Momo are out there sharing videos of them dancing like goddesses, meanwhile we have like 2 videos of Lisa where she really performs hard choreos. And I know for sure that she can do better. Have you seen her performance before Swalla?? She's a great dancer.

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