Is HYLT Blackpink’s biggest hit?

I know that HYLT's success is also due to the growth of the fandom but if you just consider HYLT's impact and genuine success among the general public and non-fans then isn't it their biggest hit? Just look at tiktok, korean charts and chinese charts, HYLT dominated them due to largely by the support of the public. In tiktok HYLT is already used by 8.5M videos and has 3.9B views, In korean charts it achieved a lot of PAK and is the biggest gg hit song of 2020, same with the Chinese digitals, it already achieved the crown of the most downloaded foreign song in China and I don't believe that it's due to chinese blinks alone, a large part of that is also due to the chinese public.

Anyway my main point is I hope we can surpass the achievement of HYLT with the upcoming title track

Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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