i’m kinda getting worried about rosé… (do NOT spread hate please) does anyone else see this??

there’s this one particular scene in the new MV that just makes me so scared for her because her shoulder bones were so visible…I think she’s been losing weight and I really don’t think it’s healthy. The thing that really scares me about Rosé is how exaggerated her “loving to eat” thing is like she’ll literally hold a piece of toast and be like OMG SO DELICIOUS but she’ll take very very small baby bites. the small bites is a thing you see a lot with her eating—like extremely small bites which is a tactic a lot of people with disordered eating use to hide how much they’re eating because they’re constantly eating but actually not eating much. Also, while she’s expressing how yummy the food is she is actually not eating because she’s talking. frequently stopping consumption of food is another tactic people use to hide how much they’re eating or to eat less and it’s just really exaggerated so it really scared me. plus metabolisms change and weight fluctuations are normal but people say things like “rosé has the best body” or “ant waist” putting aside that this can be extremely damaging to the majority of people that will never look anything like that, bodies change and it scares me that people say things like “best body” when rosé herself probably doesn’t look the same all the time which is perfectly normal. I write this knowing I’ll probably get a bunch of hate but I hope at the very least even if you disagree with everything I said you think about the harmful implications of saying “best body” or idolizing rosé’s “ant waist”. and yes i expect all these people to come in saying i’m naturally skinny so rosé is too—great but please consider what i’m saying about the habits that concern me and how she seems to be getting skinnier and the other things.

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