If the girls weren’t the faces of their current luxury brands what other brands do you think they would be?

For those whom may not know the girls’ respective luxury brands are:

Jisoo – Dior Jennie – Chanel Rosé – YSL Lisa – Céline

I could see the following:

Jisoo is known for her signature mature yet fresh feminine charm so Prada or Chloé.

Jennie’s charm blurs at the intersection of rich princess cute and sultry sexy. Brands like Gucci or MiuMiu would work for either.

Rosé has a charm that ranges from down to earth goddess to boyish swagger. I see her being a great face for Alexander McQueen or Versace.

Lisa’s charm is modern experimental. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Off-White would be represented well with her beautiful proportions, gender fluid, chameleon-esque visuals.

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