Idea for counting down to comeback.

Hi, y'all!

I'm a fairly new Blink – since September 2019 – and Blackpink is the first/only KPOP group I've ever liked. Because of this, it's kind of hard to fully understand some elements of past eras, and to keep track of exactly what I've missed. So I came up with what I think could be a fun idea!

What if we countdown to the comeback on here with informational discussions about their past eras? So every week (or maybe a little more often?), we could discuss a different era (pre-debut/debut, AIIYL, D4, KTL) and veteran Blinks can educate us younger Blinks on what we've missed. Concept, teases, fan reception, awards, notable events, scandals, YG empty promises (lol) and other things like that!

I think it'd be a fun way to celebrate our love for the girls and build up hype, and for newer Blinks to catch up! What do you think?

PS: Mods, I hope this is allowed. Couldn't figure out how to formally/privately ask.

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