I am not here as a fan of Blackpink….

but as one who appreciates good music, good video, and good lyrics (in this case Teddy Park), their music is like a breath of FRESH AIR, and like a RATM but in KPop mode towards all other musics that made people like urm…JYP top female girl band looks like a kindergarten.

But no, I am not dissing and idolising. Just it opened my eyes, that is all. Enough stanning, enough idolisation, enough of bias. Under great songwriters, KPOP girls can give a new meaning of hardcore to the music. Who knows, KPOP girls can start be a songwriter themselves more and more each day.

Anyway, what made me started to find more and more about the proxy girlband under the awesome lyricist was this:

British Priest Reacts to "KILL THIS LOVE" by BLACKPINK

Then I rewatch the video that has been played ad nauseum by my 6yo kid with a new perspective and I went "WHOAH…MINDBLOWN."

I applaud BlackPink with their good musics, that this is the band that people should look up to. Not to idolise, not to bias, but as an inspiration.

Thanks for making my kid extra brave and confident. Didn't expect to have a strong empowerment songs through KPOP before. This and Billie Eilish is her current favourite.

Much love and respect!


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