HYLT Dance Cover List – Sorted

I absolutely love dance covers, so I wanted a big thread of all the HYLT covers.

I wanted to have them also sorted into categories.

  1. Kpop in Public (where the dance is in a public place. Divided by region when applicable.))
  2. High Production (production video with set design, wardrobe design, etc. High Production doesn't have to mean expensive.)
  3. Casual (More of for fun or for practice. One location and/or one shot, TikToks, etc.)
  4. Idols/Official (Covers, full or incomplete, of a fellow idol dancing to HYLT.)
  5. Tutorial (Choreography tutorials, explanations, etc

.(Some videos might overlap multiple categories, especially 1&2.)

\* = Cover by Redditors here + = Over 1 million views ++ = Contest Winner)

1- KPOP in Public





Puerto Rico






(Need to Confirm Country)

2- High Production


3- Casual

4- Idols/Official

5- Tutorial

Feel free to comment with any cover you'd like to have on the list.Also feel free to tell me if any information is wrong or if a link is broken.

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