How You Like That Video – Ganesha Statue

So in BP’s “How You Like That “ music video there was a Ganesha statue. In Hinduism, Ganesha is one of the main gods and its disrespectful they way the used it in the video( in my opinion and I’m Hindu). It’s *NOTTthe BP girls fault at all but rather the set/props/productions persons. I really wish they would have done their research properly and hope they make changes to avoid this in the future. Also people on twitter have been making fun of the Ganesha statue and saying racist things as a way of defending the pinks which is very wrong. This is not right at all and I hope karma comes for the racist twitter trolls.


There are some crazy stans out there who will probably start sending me hate, but I’m not blaming the BP girls just whoever is responsible for that statue being there! I still love and stan BP but I want their content to be respectful as well! Pls don’t hate on me

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