General fan perceptions? +some other random questions!

Hello, hello! I’ve been a fan of BLACKPINK for a couple of years, but just recently became a bigger fan during quarantine. I just wanted to jump on Reddit and ask a few questions! I’ll list them out to make them easier to follow vs paragraph form~

What are the general fan perceptions of each member? Do opinions differ in each country?

I’ve seen things here and there about some skepticism around their pay, and after watching BLACKPINK House, I thought it was strange to see them getting an allowance? How does that work? I’m in the US and celebrities just make their own money vs being given money.

After watching BLACKPINK House it seems like they don’t have a ton of freedom. Does this change the more famous they become?

Are any of the members closer to each other than the others?

General comment from me: Jisoo is sooo funny to me. She’s really enjoyable to watch!

Thank you for any info you provide!

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