Blinks are divided

So I feel like Blinks are really divided into their own fandoms and it's really weird. There Lilies, Jennifer's, Rosénator and Soyaas (or whatever they're called) and some of them are unbelievably toxic and it has to stop. To have a bias in a group doesn't mean that you have to stan just that person.

On Twitter someone posted that Rosé is the smartest Blackpink member and I casually just wrote that I feel like Jennie or Jisoo might be the smartest because Jennie must have been pretty good at school for her mother to send her to New Zealand and almost to the US and South Korean students are generally really good at school because their life only consists of school. Suddenly about 5 Rosénators attacked me for throwing Rosé under the bus and that I've called her stupid and that's just not okay because I literally didnt do that.

Blinks should be one fandom and we should support all the girls and not just your faves.

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