Blackpink’s Singing Styles/Influences?

IMO Blackpink collectively has some pretty unique voices compared to other groups in the industry (that sound gorgeous together btw 🤩). Ik some of it was probably YG but who exactly are the artists that influenced the way Blackpink sings? And what exactly are their singing styles and techniques that make them sound so unique?

Ik Rosé is pretty nasally and uses a bright tone with subtle cracks/bends in her voice. Jisoo seems she’s also a bit nasally (not as much as Rosé) but with a darker and heavier sound. Jennie has that more smooth R&By voice and Lisa’s voice sounds babyish/cute.

I think I remember Rosé saying she wanted to sound like Tori Kelly when she was a trainee and maybe Avril Lavigne for Jennie?

Please fill me in or correct me!

Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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