BLACKPINK’s New Promo Cycle

The lack of details for this era is so frustrating! When they first announced this, I was quite irritated because the album was delayed AGAIN but some users reassured us that this is the better plan because it means BP will be promoted for 3 whole months from June-September and I was quite excited about that.

June’s already began and there’s no teasers, they haven’t given us any details about this pre-single. When teasers are released, the comeback is usually 2-3 weeks after so that means if they release the teasers next Monday, the single will probably be released on Friday 19th or Friday 26th. Therefore June was practically wasted and there was minimal promo this month. Are we even getting a music video and music show promotions?

They keep going on about this ‘special format’ but honestly most of us don’t care about a special format, all we want is decent promotions. The focus on ‘special format’ to me, implies we won’t be getting much for the 2nd single because the format is already so ‘special’.

I would honestly prefer if they just laid out all the details even if it’s details that we don’t like and we are disappointed. To me that’s better than leaving us speculating and getting excited every week only to be let down.

What do you guys think?

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