Blackpink Unnies

I don't understand that How can Anyone Hate Blackpink Unnies .Literally I am watching their Song Really DVD Arena 2018 They r So loving and caring

Jisso – My Super Bias Unnie ,How can anyone Hate Her , She Is so Funny , cute Vocalist , Underated Rapper And Badass Visual .She Is Like an Angel To me . Turtle Rabbit Kim Which is Not scary and Our Mother Who never Cries.

Rose – The Pretty sweet Vocalist , She Is So Pretty and So Cute Sweet caring Vocalist and an Underrated rapper and Our Foodie Unnie

Lisa – Our Long Leg Lisa , One of the Best Dancers In the World gets so much Hate In Korea , I want to ask Koreans Why the Hell , they Hate Everyone ?? Are they even doing something to you . She is an Amazing Dancer with Flexible Moves and Our Strict mentor too .She Is So beautiful And Our Korean-English Rapper .

Jennie – The Most Amazing Vocalist + Rapper + Dancer and our Manager and Also Cuty member , .Our Bish Solo . She is the most loving member But I want to Ask That Why The hl Do you hate her , she is so cute . Those who call yourself Blink , I wanna Ask That Who the hell Gave You permission To Break The Relationship of Jennie and Kai .She Is The Most Loving Member .No one should Hate her .

All The members Are Loved By Me and Will have Full Support by me . Maybe I am not rich enough to attend Their Concerts But I have the Very much Courage To Say Something Very Offensive To Haters

Black pink Unnies Saranghae and Remember Jennie is Looking for a Samsung !!!

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