BlackPink House – 100 Day Vacation – On Animal Crossing New Horizon

First off this is my first post (I think??) on reddit so I’m not 100% sure I know what I’m doing. I wanted to add photos to this post and I can’t figure out how to do text AND photos. So apologies for any weird formatting.

Anyway, in honor of The Album and all the content we’ve gotten this year I wanted to recreate the BlackPink House web series on my island. I’ve set up 17 locations or events the girls went to during BlackPink House, as well as created a BlackPink themed town center.

I’m not quite finished yet, but really what I am looking for is some feedback. I plan on setting up a dream code once I’m all done for people to visit while streaming The Album, and I want some opinions before I do so.

Any interest please comment below and I’ll message a few dodo codes until I’ve had a few people in. Please note if you aren’t really familiar with BlackPink house my island may not make sense, since it’s not just BlackPink themed everywhere.


Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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