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As the title says, just a post/thread for some fun facts about the members and/or their music. Simple things about them that aren't really "breaking news" headlines or anything, but are (as the title suggests) fun to know about them. I'm only going to do a few for each member, so feel free to add other things into the comments. I'm getting lots of these from personal observation as well as threads online, so it's possible that some of these may be outdated. Some of these facts may to super obvious to lots of people, but I'm hoping even the obvious ones can catch some people.


  • She's absolutely terrified of heights.
  • She used to do taekwondo, those she was only a white belt (the first promotion you get).
  • She can play basketball, and she's a good skater, but she can't ride a bicycle.
  • She sleeps with a plushie of a bunny and a plushie of Snoopy.


  • If she could be a Disney princess, she wants to be Pocahontas.
  • Her favorite thing to eat is milk flavored ice cream and likes tacos, and she doesn't like pizza.
  • She trained for just under 6 years, starting when she was 14 years old. She trained for the longest of the four members.
  • She has appeared in lots of other YG idol music videos, obviously apart from their own.


  • She was born in Auckland, New Zealand (where Jennie also lived), but she grew up in Melbourne, Australia. She moved to Korea to begin training in 2012.
  • She used to be a cheerleader when she lived in Australia.
  • She is the only member of the group to use a stage name *that's distinctly different from her real name (Lisa's name is Lalisa, so it's slightly adjusted, but Rose's real name is Chaeyoung).
  • She trained for the least amount of time amongst the girls, at around 4 years.


  • She was the only person accepted to YG during the Thailand YG audition in 2010 – roughly 4,000 showed up to audition. She began her training in April of 2011.
  • Her and BamBam from GOT7 were friends when they were younger, as both of them were part of the same dance crew in Thailand called "We Zaa Cool". Lisa was in this crew for 3 years.
  • She loves Kehlani. Kehlani is her favorite artist, "Honey" is her favorite song, and she really wants to perform with her someday.
  • Her stepfather is a well-known chef and grew up in Switzerland, so she loves to visit there to eat the food and see the mountains.

Some group fun facts that aren't necessarily attributed to a single member

  • Jisoo and Lisa watch anime together.
  • Jisoo is the only member who was born and never moved out of Korea, but Lisa is the only member who is not Korean is nationality.
  • Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa all said they preferred a cute boy over a sexy boy – Jennie said she preferred sexy.
  • In the event they were boys, Lisa and Rose chose Jennie, Jennie chose Jisoo, and Jisoo chose Rose for the question "Who would you date".
  • All of the members are really close with lots of other idols, the most well-known being members of TWICE and Red Velvet. Nayeon and Momo were even seen at their concert last year. At lots of awards shows where you see the three groups in the same spot, you can see lots of the fun they have interacting with each other and singing/dancing along to the songs.

Again, all these things are just kinda fun little tidbits that lots of people might already know, but hopefully some of these were new to people as well. Feel free to post any other facts or just little things that maybe someone didn't notice, like a consistent action they do or a habit they have.

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