As a BLINK, is it wrong for me to support TREASURE?

I feel like its important to have this conversation and the only place I feel comfortable enough to do it is here.

So a few days ago, rosè posted a cover of her singing yedam's solo song and I commented that I was happy for both rosè and treasure and it got hella downvoted. I look at the comment section and its mostly people talking about how it's a bad move on behalf of yg, people saying that rosè is doing this against her own will, people in general not being a fan of treasure, etc.

I've even seen some blinks openly bashing treasure on Twitter and even on their YouTube page as well. I dont usually indulge in fanwars, but after seeing reddit blinks not supporting (dare I say, bashing) Treasure, it made me question whether or not I should be supporting them.

Anyway, the boys all seem super sweet and respectful. They seem to all be fans of the girls because I've seen them get super excited when blackpink is mentioned, they have their merch (one of the members even has the 2020 welcoming collection), they seem to enjoy dancing to their songs and I think the girls all enjoyed being a part of the treasure reality show as judges. As a blink, it gives me more reason to support them

As far as people being upset with treasure receiving more promotions than blackpink, I only blame yg. I dont think it's fair to hate on treasure. They seem to work hard and deserve to debut. Yg desperately needs a fresh, new bg and they need to do some serious damage control for their rep, especially in Korea. I see them doing well in Korea and Japan, but not internationally so I dont even see them as a threat.

With yedam getting a solo before rosè, I understand the sentiment. I want a rose solo badly as well, but hating on a member getting a solo is not going to get us one. I think rosè doing a cover of his song should be an indication enough. Maybe yg forced her, but I cant imagine rosè being okay with the fact that people are hating on a junior label mate because of her not getting a solo.

I feel like people should take out their anger on yg out on yg and not on labelmates who work hard and are deserving of a debut. I was very surprised to see the hate by a lot of reddit blinks because I assumed they'd think rationally about this. I thought that they'd support them. Seeing the hate leaves a weird feeling, especially because it's from my own fandom

Anyway, let me know what you think. Is it morally wrong for me to support Treasure? Are you supporting treasure? Should blinks support/unstan treasure? How should blinks express their frustrations towards yg without hurting other groups? Am I the only crazy person who feels bad and cares about this? I'm all ears.

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