Are you guys effected by the amount of hate the girls receive?

I'm a sensitive person myself, I hate to admit it but it's true, lol. I'm very anxious and I guess it's easier to trigger me even when it's not aimed at me but the things I like, so maybe it's something I should work on personally and, I don't know, I may see things in a disproportionate way. Still, the amount of hate the girls receive is just too much and too heavy, I don't feel any pleasure in using the internet nowadays especially now they've been active and releasing new stuff. Is it just me or some of you have a hard time coping with all this negativity? It's EVERYWHERE, on Twitter, here on Reddit, YouTube (there are TONS of videos there hating on them or criticizing them with million of views and thousands of likes). It's too much I get defensive even when it's constructive and respectful. Sometimes I ask myself if there's something wrong with me for liking BLACKPINK and their music, lmao. I mean, right? The things I've read today ALONE makes me wonder why I love and praise such a mediocre group who put out trash music, have no artistic growth and are on the verge of disbandment and flop for a multitude of reasons (because the rap line is weak with 0 artistic credibility, because Americans mock rappers like Lisa who do blaccent or whatever (!!!!!!), because GP will start to notice their music is bad now they're having more comebacks, because the fans will leave them for not evolving musically, and I swear all of this I've seen TODAY here on Reddit). Which it's incredibly funny because actual critics and people with actual relevance to opine on this (not that I don't think we shouldn't have our own opinions, obviously…) have always been acclaiming them, even Ice Cream which got tons of hate from BLINKs themselves got praised by multiple outlets. But like, why BP always got shit on for things I've seen ad nauseum done in k-pop and by some beloved groups by those same people? All I know is that I fell for BP in ways I haven't for any other group, and I've listened to maaaany others. I guess I just needed to unburden about this in a safe space. I'm genuinely worried about how toxic the internet will get after The Album is released.

Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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