A quick story about my lightstick

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It was Amazon Prime Day and I had just moved into my apartment, the first time I’ve lived by myself. I needed some important household items (microwave, bookshelf, coffee table… you get the idea), so I loaded up my cart. I checked out and thought nothing of it. The next day I got an email. “Your package from YG Entertainment has shipped!” Apparently the night before I added the Blackpink lightstick into my cart (blame it on the alcohol), and it had been buried so deep in my Amazon cart that I didn’t even notice it was there. I felt kind of dumb for having bought it, but I thought, No turning back now. I guess I’m getting a lightstick.

Fast forward a few weeks and though my shipment tracker said it was delivered, it was nowhere to be found. I live on a street in Seattle with relatively high foot traffic, so I surmised that USPS had delivered my package outside of my apartment and someone stole it. At this point, my attitude towards the lightstick had shifted from “oops” to genuine anticipation and curiosity. You can imagine that I was disappointed to not receive my accidental purchase. As such, I contacted Amazon, who in turn contacted the seller to issue a replacement (this time with delivery confirmation!), which is en route at the time of this message. Hooray!

Yesterday, however, I opened my mailbox and there was a key inside. This key opened one of the larger mailboxes and lo and behold, there was my original lightstick, the barcode circled in black pen with the words “WRONG ADDRESS” written next to it. I got my lightstick AND I have another on the way! The story of my lightstick took a sudden and unexpected turn and became the story of my lightsticks! That said, I won’t be keeping the second lightstick, opting instead to give it to my dear friend who introduced me to Kpop through Blackpink.

Thanks for reading, blinks! Have a great day!

P.S. I shared this story with a colleague, who is also a fan of Blackpink. Whenever she asks how I’m doing, I always respond “I’m Jisoo I’m okay.” The last text I sent her was “I’m Jisoo I want a replacement.”

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