200911 Last Friday, I listened to BLΛƆKPIИK for the first time. Today, they’re the very first artists I am buying an album from. I think I’ve fallen in love.

My goodness, how much I've missed out these past 4 years.

Some of you may know K/DA, Riot Games' virtual K-Pop group.

I had already liked their first song back in 2018, their new one was just as good.

I became more interest in Soyeon and Mideon from (G)I-DLE (voicing 2 of the 4 members) after the song and checked out some of their recent stuff.

While doing so, "How you like that" with nearly 500 million views in just 2 months on the side tab catched my eye.

I thought "alright, if you enjoy the K-Pop songs of these 2 groups, maybe you'll like these as well, they seem to be very popular".

And oh my god. I don't just like them, I love them.

I don't think I had ever fallen in love with anything that fast.

Lisa, Jennie, Rose, Jisoo, all 4 just won over my heart in bare seconds.

Since then I've checked out and listened on loop to half their songs (still missing out on Stay, Solo, and all non M/V songs besides Sour Candy, likely reacting to those on my YT).

There's not a song I haven't enjoyed yet, I think Whistle is my personal favorite, so damn catchy.

Boombayah is the best one to pump.

When it comes to the members, Lisa and her rap parts have always been a highlight for me considering I generally enjoy rap and her attitude, swagger, flow, aura and presence is just so damn remarkable, easily my favorite.

All 4 are incredible tho, Jennie feels like the allrounder, switches from cute angel to arrogant boss b*tch in bare seconds, Rose always looking so adorable with angel like vocals, and Jisoo with the remarkable deep voice and performance, all 4 add something to the mix that makes them so incredible, not just visually with their looks and dancing, but with their music as well.

I was never someone that had a huge favorite when it came to music, I always just listened here and there while playing games and stuff.

But Blackpink is different, they hooked me immediately and now, in just a week since discovering them, they got me to buy myself their upcoming album, the first physical music piece I am ever buying (first album in general).

Despite being claustrophobic and being someone that HATES being around strangers, they'd also be the first act I'd love to go onto a concert to.

I am sad I missed out on them for so long and didn't follow them from the start, but better a BLIИK late than never.

Touch here for the full post on the Black Pink Bandstand tumblr

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