191208 Jennie CH+ update asks Blinks to be patient for their comeback


This has changed so much, I don't even know how to do it anymore

Q: I miss you… I hope you'll do promotions in Korea too TT

JEN: It's my wish for 2020

Q: Have you watched Frozen 2?

JEN: Not yet ?? so sad

Q: Recommend a song for Winter

JEN: From midnight to sunrise

Q: Is there a song you listened to recently?

JEN: Adore you

Q: What is something great and something that you felt was a pity this year?

JEN: The thing I find best is that I found myself matured! And something that I felt a pity is that I didn't get to see BLINKs often!

Q: Jennie, can you teach Jisoo unnie how to wink? Jisoo unnie can't wink kekeke

JEN: About that, I can't just tell/teach her how to. It's a matter innate at birth

Q: Is there a variety show you want to appear on recently???

JEN: Hyori unnie's bed and breakfast

Q: What do you watch on Netflix?

JEN: Money Heist

JEN: I recommend Money Heist~~

Q: Do you put cheese on your kimchi fried rice?

JEN: nope

Q: Jisoo unnie said that Jendeukie's mom's kimchi fried rice is the best!

JEN: das right

Q: Jennie, do you know Gunhoo? Gunhoo's cheeks and Jennie's cheeks are the same ???????

JEN: Super cute ??

Q: Favourite colour recently?

JEN: Blue

Q: Do you like Mala soup?

JEN: Nope

Q: What do you recently drink?

JEN: Yogurt

Q: Do you like Mint Choco?

JEN: Yes

Q: Do you have thoughts of dyeing your hair?

JEN: Nope

Q: Strawberry season is coming

JEN: I love it

Q: When Chyu unnie sang How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You're The One I Love, did Jendeukie singing along at backstage??

JEN: I was preparing and was busy

Q: I want to see Jendeuk's version of How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You're The One I Love

JEN: I like the song

Q: Jendeuk ah~~ Did you buy a camera? Will you be doing Vlogs?

JEN: I shall make it my new year goal for next year

Q: I want to see Jendeuk-vlog

JEN: Ha… To be honest, I filmed a lot to upload but the editing is so difficult so I gave up…

Q: What did you have for dinner?

JEN: Chicken

Q: Do you like Bungeo-ppang?

JEN: Who even hates it

Q: Do you like longer or shorter hair?

JEN: Recently, shorter

Q: Do you have plans to have short hair?


Q: What game do you play recently?

JEN: I don't game

Q: It's a pity we can't see BP's year end performance

JEN: I find it a pity too

Q: We can't see the year end Kill This Love stage.. Really doesn't make sense.. Right..

JEN: Just watch during our concert

Q: Do you like watching musicals?

JEN: I watch it sometimes

Q: Since it's winter, what do you want to do?

JEN: Play in the snow

Q: I want to go to the ski resort

JEN: Me too

Q: What do you want to eat in Beijing?

JEN: Beijing duck

Q: Did you see the first snow?

JEN: It has snowed?

Q: Fuji vs Kodak

JEN: Fuji

Q: Favourite food recently?

JEN: Korean cuisine!

Q: How do you relief stress?

JEN: By making my own healing spot. Breathing in good air and watching the sunset

Q: Do you prefer the left or right side of your face when taking selfies?

JEN: I think left

Q: It's almost Christmas, do you like carols?

JEN: I've only been listening to carola nowadays

Q: What do you want most from Santa?

JISOO: santa doesnt exist, never wanted anything from santa in her life

JEN: wishes for things from santa

Q: Christmas plans?

JEN: I'll be home playing with the dogs while they are in their santa and rudolph outfits

Q: “Jendeukie I heard you’re going to China tomorrow”

JEN: “You’re right”

Q: “I miss you.. I hope you promote in Korea too ㅠㅠ”

JEN: “It’s my wish for 2020”

Q: “Jendeuk-ah ~ please change your profile picture ~~~”

JEN: “To what?”

Q: “kekeke Any thoughts of dressing up for the punishment with Chaeyoung??”

JEN: “There’s no way I’ll lose in a game so ㅠㅠ”

Q: “Since Jendeukie is packing, Jendeukie’s gum(always stuck next to her) must be next to Jendeukie right kekekeke”

JEN: “Of course Kuku is next to me"

Q: “Jennie I think you’re faster at typing than Chu Unnie kekekekekeke”by

JEN: “Aye(no way)”

Q: “What type of scents do you like the most Jennie?”

JEN: “My scent”

Q: “Do you have any thoughts of uploading a song cover?”

JEN: “Hm that is hard”

Q: “Jennie have you seen Jennie/Jenhui(cat) yet?? ha”

JEN: “Not yet ㅠㅠ”

Q: “Today is the one year anniversary of bean(nickname)”

JEN: “What is the one year anniversary of bean”

Q: “Are you wearing the squirtle sunglasses again tomorrow?😎”

JEN: Yes(cutely)

Q: “Jendeukie, have you not thought about having short hair(bob cut)?”

JEN: “Yes”

Q: “When can we see Bang-deukie again?”

JEN: “Bang-deukie whenever since I can always put it(wig) on”

Q: “When you look at life from afar it looks nice but when you look at it closely it doesn’t but thankful for Jennie’s face 😌♥️” (play with words: thank you queen)

JEN: “My friend’s name is SungEun”

Q: “Jennie do you by chance know William too~?”

JEN: “By chance the baby?”

Q: “How can you relieve stress?”

JEN: “Make a healing spot for yourself. Breathing fresh air while watching the sunrise”

Q: “Why don’t they have apple tanghulu”

JEN: “There is”

Q: “Is there a place you want to go for vacation?”

JEN: “New Zealand”

Q: “When you take selfies..which side you prefer the left side or the right side?”

JEN: “I think the left”

Q: “Jennie your life(favorite) chips are sold in Korea too!!”

JEN: “To be honest they sent me a box with a size that is bigger than me so.. I have too many”

Q: “Miss Jendeuk do you write in a diary?”

JEN: “From time to time”

Q: “Jennie’s replies are fascinating”

JEN: “Why is that?”

Q: “What do I have to do for you to reply to my comment? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

JEN: “You could write a comment I want to reply to”

Q: “It seems like everyone is interrogating you keke”

JEN: “I know right”

Q: “When you do the tanghulu live will you switch to ch+ when you tell us the secret? kekekekekekekeke”

JEN: “I won’t say the secret”

Q: “What color are you nails right now?”

JEN: “I don’t have”

Q2: “I plan on doing my nails after the semester is over, what design are you into right now?”

JEN: “Nude …”

Q: “Deuk-ah have you seen Louis? ㅠㅠ 😻

JEN: “So pretty”

Q: “Can you spoil the outfit you’re wearing tomorrow?”

JEN: “Why it that”

Q: “Do you like mint choco?”

JEN: “Yes” (cutely)

Q: “Jennie, do you like maratang?”

JEN: “Nope”

Q: “Jennie Kim for 2020 Variety Rookie Award, how does that sound?”

JEN: “I’m fine with it but”

Q: “JenChu Tanghulu live please~~~~~🍓🍓❣️”

JEN: “As a matter of fact we are in the middle of discussing it”

Q: “Wish you went on Michuri again… Michuri…”

JEN: “Michuri 🌼”

Q: Do you perhaps have any thoughts of dyeing your hair~~?” JEN: “No”

JEN: “We will comeback so let’s all be a bit stronger🙂 If I see signs, then I’ll give hints. We will not rush but go slowly like our debut and prepare each and every song slowly like how we got here today and if you wait following our pace we’ll comeback.”

JEN: I'll do up till here and go Everyone taking exams, please have strength!! The weather is really really cold so please wear warmly!! i miss you all and I'll upload lots of photos~~ bye bye

trans: @_poopheyy & @jendeukiebabo

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